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Cat Spraying No More

    Price Range: $250 – $300

    Cat Well-Being Consultations are a great opportunity for you to make sure your cat has the best living life possible.  These services are designed to keep your cat happy and help prevent behavior problems from occurring:

  • Paws-On Training Session ($250; in-home only)

    – During a FUN in-home visit Dr. Koski will teach you how to give your cat the physical and mental exercise she needs, with a focus on play, positive reinforcement, and clicker-training.  Mental & physical stimulation help prevent behavioral problems and improves mood – great for any cat!  You’ll receive a training book and clicker, 30 days of email support, and a follow-up phone call (30 minutes) to make sure that any questions you have are addressed.

  • New Kitten / New Cat Info Session ($300)

    – Are you new to kitten or cat guardianship? No problem!  During an in-home visit or video conference, Dr. Koski will answer all of your questions about giving your cat what she needs.  We’ll discuss necessary resources (e.g., litterbox setup, food, toys, napping/perching spots, etc.), enrichment (physical and mental), keeping your new cat safe and secure, and address any questions you have about living with a cat.  You’ll receive a summary of what we discussed, 30 days of email support, and a 30-minute follow-up phone call.

  • Happy Cat, Happy Home Evaluation ($300)

    – Dr. Koski will visit your home to make sure that your cat has what she needs for a happy and healthy life, and to prevent common behavioral problems.  Dr. Koski will take a look at your litterbox setup, the resources you’ve established for your cat, and make recommendations where things may need improvement.  You’ll receive a summary of everything discussed during the visit (including recommended resources), 30 days of email support, and a follow-up phone call (30 minutes).  This is a great consultation to get if you’re preparing to add a new family member (e.g., a baby or new pet), or if you just want to make sure your cat has an environment in which she will thrive!

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