How To Stop Cat Spraying Indoors

Cat Spraying No More

How To Stop Cat Spraying Indoors

How To Stop Cat Spraying Indoors

Why do cats spray? How do I stop my cat from spraying? These are some of the questions about cats spraying many cat lovers have been asking since the start of this year. If you are one of them, we have given the best answers you can get from experts. Read on to learn more.

What exactly is cat spraying?

Spraying is when a cat stands against any vertical surface with its tail erect and urinates on that surface. This behavior is different from regular urinating.

In fact, in regular urinating cats don’t urinate against vertical services. Instead, they squat to pee on the floor, furniture or anything lying on the horizontal surface. There is a common myth that it is only male cats that spray. This is not the case. Both male and female cats can spray.

Why do cats spray?

Spraying is a weird communicative behavior many cats engage in for various reasons. Below are three main reasons why cats spray according to the studies:

1. When there are many cats in a household, some cats tend to present themselves as superior figures in that household. They, therefore, mark their territory and stake their claim by spraying.

2. Cats also spray when they feel less confident, slightly intimidated or when they are confronted. So when spray, they are trying to feel more secure.

3. Some cats also spray when they want to attract partners to mate.

How to stop confront cat spraying

Cat spraying, especially in the indoors can be a problem for many cat owners. Urine emitted when a cat spray not only smells bad but it can also cause stains on the walls, carpets, furniture and other important household items.

That said, you don’t have to worry if your cat is spraying. There are many ways you can use to stop cat spraying in the indoors.

1. Determine the cause of the spraying

Investigate what could be causing your cat to spray. Knowing the cause can help you figure out how to overcome this behavior.

2. Fix stress related issues

Try as much as possible not to introduce changes in your household. Any slight change can cause stress or make your cats feel insecure making them spray to mark their territories in those new environments.

3. Make sure there is enough space

As stated earlier, cats like to stake their claim in a certain territory. If you have more than one cat in your household, make sure there is an adequate space in your house to reduce spraying.

You can also provide multiple perches because cats like to stay up high to observe. It is also advisable to provide multiple sources scratching posts, water, food, and toys.

4. Clean the urine thoroughly

In multiple cat households, you are likely to get different scents of a cat’s urine. Your cats may, therefore, spray in response to other urine scents other than their own. So you need to clean the spaces using standard detergents in order to stop recurrence.

5. Limit contact with the outdoors

Sometimes, your cat may feel intimated and spray if it comes into contact with neighborhood cats. Even if your cat is not in contact with neighborhood cats, it may see or smell their scent and start spraying.

So you need to limit your cat from seeing or coming into contact with other cats. You can do this by making sure all windows or doors that face your neighbor’s house are closed all the time.

6. Help them adjust to new family members

Cats may also spray when there is a new family member in your household. For instance, a newborn baby crying can cause your cat to spray in an attempt to mark his territory.

Avoid giving your cat extra attention or affection if you are planning to introduce a baby in your house.

Seeking professional help

If you are not having success using the means we have explained above, you need to discuss the problem with your veterinarian. Your veterinarian may recommend some behavioral medication or refer you to a certified cat behavior consultant.

A qualified professional can help find out the cause of the behavior and come up with a customized plan to stop your cats from spraying in the indoors.

If your cat is not neutered, this may be the reason it is spraying. Having it neutered can stop the behavior. A qualified professional may also advise you when to neuter your cat.

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How To Put A Stop To Cat Spraying Your Home

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