How To Stop A Cat From Spraying ! This Works.

Cat Spraying No More

How to Stop a Cat from Spraying! This Works.

Even if your cat is neutered he may still spray!

This is one bad habit that can drive a pet owner crazy. How to stop a cat from spraying! First of all it helps to identify the cause of spraying. The most common cause is due to territoriality. Getting a male cat neutered at a young age is the best prevention. A male cat that is neutered at an older age may have already developed this habit and continue to spray!! I will only refer to the male cats here but females can do it too.

If you have an adult cat that is fixed and they still spray, there are a number of methods to try and deter the behavior and hopefully end it. First of all, cats spray when they feel the need to mark their territory. This may happen when there are multiple cats in the household and they are in competition. Another common reason is the cat seeing, hearing or smelling neighbor cats out the windows or doors of the house. If the cat sees, hears and smells another cat near “his” home, he will likely feel territorial and mark his turf! If you can, keep windows closed and even keep the curtains drawn to prevent the cats inside from seeing cats outside. This may be difficult however and a persistent cat will likely just nudge through the curtains to look anyway!

Fix Territoriality and Anxiety to Stop Spraying

Part of this territorial attitude has to do with feelings of anxiousness. If the cat feels very safe, comfortable and secure in the home, he will be less likely to spray as he will feel less anxious. There are some great products to deal with cat’s anxiety whether from sources inside the house (coming into a new home, having other pets etc.) or outside the house such as seeing the neighbor cats. I use these everyday on my skittish Norwegian Forest Cat. See posts here for

pheromone collars and diffusers and herbal drops

to ease anxiety, cure jumpiness and make your cat happy and calm!

The pheromone collars and calming drops which are applied to the fur work wonders for our kitty. When summer is here and the windows and doors are open however, even these products are not enough to guarantee he will not feel the urge to mark his territory. If an aggressive neighbor cat comes to the porch and sprays by the door, it is just too much of an insult for him ignore! We needed even more help! I discovered a

spray by Whisker City called ‘No Mark’

that somehow just makes them stop spraying on their favorite targets! I sprayed it on the area he kept going and he stopped! I was afraid he would start going somewhere else but he has not. It has calming scents that make cats feel happy so they don’t feel the need to spray.

I encourage you to check out these products! They are cheap compared to the cost of treating your clothing, furniture, carpets and whole house with enzymatic cleaners, and washing and throwing out clothes and shoes! Those will be your only options after they have been sprayed!

I am overjoyed to find these products that work. It is the greatest stress imaginable to fear your cat spraying on things in your house every time he gets the urge. You jump out of bed in the middle of the night when you hear the dreaded, scratch, scratch, scratch, that means he just sprayed something!

If you have any questions or comments on how to stop a cat from spraying or anything else, please let me know!


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