How do I stop my female cat spraying everywhere?

Cat Spraying No More

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This is so frustrating. And you probably already know that poor bathroom habits are the number one cause of animal abandonment, cats included.

We have four indoor/outdoor cats, all rescues, and our first girl peed all over the house when we first brought her home from the pound. That was 14 years ago, and she hasn’t peed except in a cat box for well over 13 years now.

Kudos to you and your family for not giving up on your cat.

You write that she also sprays the settee outside, so I gather she is an indoor/outdoor cat. If so, she probably is used to doing her business outside, but does she also have an indoor litter box?

If not, try getting her one. And if yes, and from here on I’m assuming yes, here are a few things you can try regarding the litter box.

First, if your cat’s box isn’t jumbo sized buy her the biggest box you can find. Or two, especially if your house is large. Cats love big litter boxes, the bigger the better.

And she may have decided she wants to poop in one box and pee in another, especially if the poop has yet to be scooped.

It’s also worth a try changing her brand of litter.

If you’re using perfumed litter your cat may have suddenly decided she doesn’t like the smell. Dr. Elsey’s Precious Cat clumps well, is perfume free, and among the most reasonably priced litters on the market. We buy ours at PetsMart.


she may have become more finicky about having a squeaky clean, odor free litter box. You don’t say what style she uses, but if it is the hooded kind with a charcoal filter, which is what we use, then here are some things to try:

Immediately remove the filter and don’t replace it. Same with the door if there is one; remove it permanently. The last thing you want to do is trap odors inside the box! You want air to circulate in there so it is a odor free as possible for her. Her nose is many times more sensitive than a human’s, and a clean, aerated litter box doesn’t smell.

You can learn to spot clean the litter box every time you scoop. For a short video by a vet on how to spot clean a litter box, please see here:

If after all this your princess still has less than perfect bathroom habits, try buying a jar of Dr. Elsey’s Cat Attract. It is a blend of herbs you mix with the litter and it has helped many a cat relearn to use the litter box.

Finally–and on a different track–is it possible your cat is lonely? If she is an only cat it may be the case. One thing she probably has been getting more of by spraying all over the house is attention from her humans, albeit negative attention.

And here’s a product for you for removing the urine from the places she’s sprayed: Nature’s Miracle. It removes even old urine stains along with any odor, and also is available at pet stores. It also removes other organic stains and odors.

NM is a natural enzyme product and works without other cleaners. (In fact, it won’t work if you use chemicals beforehand, although you can use water first, if you want or need.) There are a few similar products on the market but NM works wonderfully for us so once we found it we stayed with it.

And in case you don’t know all the places your cat has sprayed, the Nature’s Miracle company also makes a black light that causes urine to fluoresce.

Most litter box problems do have a solution, sometimes multifaceted. I think you will find it.



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