How Can I Tell If My Cat Is Spraying?

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turn off all the lights and use a black light. the urine will glow under a black light. as for what will get the odor out, i use this stuff i found at walmart (i forgot the name of it, but its in a white spray bottle with a cat and a dog holding their nose on the front) its in the pet dept.

It isn’t just male cats that spray. I have two outdoor cats that come onto the porch here. They are technically my cats just feral to the rest of the world. The male was born in my hands so I do tend to dote on him more and he is just way more loveable and passive. The female tends to be bossy. She was spraying for quite a while all around. They do this to mark “their” territory. Most likely your cat is doing just that to let you and that new puppy know what is HIS. As the previous poster suggested, there is a product in the pet dept. Pet oderout or something like that 🙂 Just be careful though. Cat urine can be very difficult to remove if it gets into furniture and stuff. Make sure kitty has alot of attention and knows that he is not be ousted by the new puppy. Good luck with it all!

Has the puppy gone anywhere in the house. The only hope you have is to find every single urine spot in the house and soak it with the woolite oxy spray.

Use the blacklight and use woolite brand carpet oxyspray. Nothing works better. Have the cat fixed or get rid of the dog no matter what you do the cat will keep spraying.

My sister had to have the wall behind the couch removed and repaired because her “Orphan Annie” started spraying. ( We don’t know why.) They even put a plastic carpet runner behind the couch. It didn’t help. Annie was a strange cat. GG Vi

When a cat “Sprays” the pee comes out HORIZONTALLY. When it’s just regular pee, he’ll usually squat & it’ll come out VERTICALLY.

It could be either. You won’t know until you actually see him doing it. My 3 year old cat has been fixed for many years & never “sprays”. BUT right after we broke up a fight between him & another cat that had come into HIS yard we saw him spraying (horizontally) on the skirting of our mobile home. He felt he had to “leave his mark” so the other cat would get the point about who “owned” the property. But I have to say, he wasn’t himself. He was FULL of adrenaline (left over from the fight) which is why I’m sure he did it, & since it was outside it was easy to wash off.

But they will also pee inside (not just spray) if another animal has come into “THEIR” territory. But if you haven’t gotten your cat fixed by now, you had better get right to it because even though cat pee smells horrible, spray smells even worse because of the male hormones that are in it.


To clean your area: Blot up mess with paper towel then Saturate the area with a product called “OUT!” ($4.79 at Walmart) or another “Enzyme” pet cleaning product. Then leave the Enzyme pet cleaner on overnight then blot it up. Next you can pour Hydrogen Peroxide on the area. Peroxide cleans with oxygen. And, lastly you can use a half white vinegar & half water solution. If you use one or ALL of the above, your cat-pee smell will go away. My favorite number one thing to clean up ANY pet mess (hairballs, blood, pee & poop) is OUT!, I like the light Vanilla scent it leaves behind, not like the other brands that have a strong floral scent. I sprayed a bit of the OUT! on a nasty hairball mess, then left it to sit for about 45 min, then came back to finish cleaning it up & the mess was TOTALLY gone! What a surprise THAT was! … If the mess is on the carpeting, be sure to spray enough so it soaks way down in the carpet’s padding!


http://www.thri 6405218.tip.html

—> A side note: NEVER use Ammonia to clean up Cat or Dog urine! Because Cats & Dogs will be attracted right back to that same spot to go again, since all urine is so strong in ammonia, this “fools the pets nose” & they thing the ammonia is pee. (which attracts them!)


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