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Hi i de flead both my cats 3 days ago now but didnt realise that the drops where actually for my 40kg labrador and covered fleas and worming and holli my 2nd cat showed symptoms the next day and her symptoms where that she was a bit unsteady when jumping up onto things but could walk fine although a little bit slow. Today she looks a little better with her jumping up but is still slightly wobbly. She has also gained a right watery eye which is clear fluid just like tears are.

My 1st cat sylvester didnt show any symptoms before yesterday then i noticed that he wasnt himself at all as he couldnt even walk straight and his back legs/feet were sometimes crossing over one another and he had to lean up against almost anything that was in his path way before trying to walk to where he wanted to go and then leaning up against the next thing he could until he got to the room he wanted to be in.

He also usually stays out all day and then comes home late in the evening then will go back out again about 6-7am and then wont be seen till the evening but yesterday he was asleep on my bed all day and didnt even move. Both cats are still eating and drinking but sylvester decided to go out this evening about 6 ish and i am really worried that anything could happen to him if he cant move his feet properly or walk in s straight line 😢 i just cant believe i used the dogs one on my 2 cats and thats a pipelet each for dogs upto 40kg, i feel so dumb and so awful. Im guessing it could happen to anyone who has multiple pets as i have 3 cats in total and a dog but luckily i wasnt able to flea my other cat tinkabell as she was out at the time.

Update: sylvester has just come in and jumped up on my bed all soaking wet from the rain and was meowing for his food. I am SO SO HAPPY AND RELIEVED THAT HE IS NOW HOME AND SAFE. I have just watched him walk and it seems as tho his feet movements are functioning correctly altho he is still walking a bit slower than usual, but didnt have any problems with jumping up onto my bed.

I am in recipt of state benefits so am really inable to pay a large vet bill for my two cats 😢😢

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