Cat who keeps weeing/spraying in the house – stress related cystitis?

Cat Spraying No More

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Sun 27-Jan-08 13:51:54

The vet should add all the costs together if they believe it is an ongoing condition – that is one that is linked to previous episodes, even if the cat is well in between. The insurance should therefore all be in one claim. The only reason I could forsee you having to pay more than one excess is if the claim dates across a renewal date for the insurance at all, as most companies will charge you an excess each policy year.

Ask your vet for copies of the invoices from last time if you do not have a record. You should find on your claim form that there will be a section for you to complete, and a section for the vet to complete. Your section will usually ask you what the claim is for and when you first noticed the symptoms. You would write it down as cystitis and date it from the first signs the first time around. Your vet will also have a section to complete and will usually also be asked when the signs first occurred, if other similar signs/related conditions have occurred previously etc and will have to answer these honestly. They can not really leave off the previous episode therefore. Personally I don’t see why they would anyway? Most vets ask you to pay and get the money claimed back to you from the insurance. It does not affect their income at all.

I hope that you get some answers on it all. If you are not happy with your vet (it does sound to me like you have some concerns about their priorities) then consider changing to another practice in the area perhaps – you can do this anytime you wish. Just let the new clinic have details of the old one and they can get the history sent through ok. Any insurance through the old clinic will need to be done with them first, then the new clinic can put in continuation claims for ongoing treatments as needed (no excess for continuation claims, unless go over the policy renewal date)

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