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    Cat Spraying Odor Removal

    I just went through an ordeal with one of my cats; he was spraying around. I found out why and eradicated it but that is not sufficient, you have to get rid of all the odor he already left behind and that was the big problem. I just wanted to share how I got rid of the odor.

    I tried every rotten product on the market until it donned on me that it’s organic material, very stinky

    I started using 1 part Ecover alternative bleach and 1 part water, put it into a spray bottle and soaked the area thorougly several time. I don’t wear gloves (I should) but I make sure the cats don’t walk in it; just like any product with hydrogen peroxide, it will eat up what’s organic.

    One of my other cats took a nap in that spot

    He didn’t even smell it.

    Here is what Ecover alt. bleach looks like:…ach+Liquid.htm

    And here is a list of benign products instead their evil counterpart for those interested:…hold/cleaners/

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    Cat Spraying Odor Removal

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