Cat Spraying No More Review: Does It Work?

Cat Spraying No More


cat spraying no more review

Cat Spraying No More

is a 66-page long guide that teaches you how to stop your cats from spraying urine everywhere. The guide has 11 chapters and it explains what causes your cat to spray, and why. At later chapters, you will learn the hows – detailed techniques and methods to eliminate your cat’s spraying.

This eBook that has been created to tackle on of the biggest problems faced by cat lovers and owners over the world. One look at the internet only confirms just how much we humans love our furry friends, and with the popularity of Nyan Cat, Keyboard Cat and  the many other internet cats, we can see that these fluffy felines are the subject of adoration for many animal lovers. However, the only drawback to loving a cat can be when they are not well litter trained! Many cat owners find that their

kitty enjoys peeing

just about anywhere

except for

their litter tray!

About Cat Spraying No More

The guide was authored by Sarah Richard, a Veterinarian at the ASPCA. As such, this book has been created by someone who has herself been through the experience of dealing with a cat who displays the irritating habit of peeing outside of the litter box. Having had a lifetime of looking after cats, Sarah found that the behaviour of peeing outside of the litter box often correlated to the cat’s previous experiences. That means that if you have a kitten, you can train it to use the litter tray. Troubleshooting potential changes to this behaviour comprise some of the book.

However, it begins by Sarah giving specific examples of a cat she had called Timmy, and how his litter tray experiences were shaped by early abandonment. The cat was malnourished and essentially feral, so it had no idea that it was necessary to find a specific place to pee. Herein Sarah identifies the problem for many cats, which is that ostensibly, a cat develops her behaviour and habits based on nurture: eg the circumstances in which they live. Ergo, Sarah emphasises that cat owners should recognise that their cat is unhappy if she is they are exhibiting particularly naughty behaviour.

Dealing with her cat’s toileting issues became a source of significant stress for Sarah, who worked with animals by day. Through her work as a veterinarian, she met a lady who unveiled a secret to cat behaviour, and from here the idea for this guide was born. Hundreds of other people must suffer from the same problem with their cat and the solution, once you know it, is simple.

Table of Contents of The Book

Key Points of Cat Spraying No More

Cat Scratching No More

starts off by talking about the single most important thing to know when training a cat. This is getting into the psychology of understanding WHY the cat is avoiding peeing in a box. In Timmy’s case, this was simply that she didn’t know she needed to, but there can be other traumas the cat has experiences which are causing the aversion.  Knowing about the cat’s previous experiences helps you to understand what has brought them to this point.

how to stop cat spraying pee

Next, Sarah gives a variety of solutions, which have all been tested for the effectiveness. Also she discloses the Herbal Repellent Mix, which breaks the negative cycles of behaviour the cat is in and allows them to be docile enough to be trained accordingly.

Sarah suggests that many people shout at their pet when they exhibit a bad behaviour, and that this can actually have an adverse effect on the cat behaviour. If the animal is frightened by shouting, it may become stressed or scared, and then repeat the unwanted behaviour. Ultimately, you need to provide a safe and comfortable environment, in order for the cat to thrive.

Underpinning the whole ethos of the book is Sarah’s friendly and didactic tone, which mean that you learn about animal psychology and how its principles will have your cat trained in no time.

Advantages of Cat Spraying No More

The obvious advantage of this product is that you will learn to understand your cat’s behaviour better, and will be able to eradicate the unpleasant smell of cat urine from your home. However, not only do you gain an understanding into its toileting troubles, but you will also learn about other cat behaviours and how to deal with them.

Broken into neat and relevant chapters, this comprehensive guide to correcting your cat’s behaviour issues is available at the touch of a button. Once you have made a purchase, you can carry the information within the screen of any portable electronic device, meaning you can learn on the go.

Everything within the guide has been tried and tested by not just a cat owner, but also a veterinarian too. This means you can feel safe in the knowledge that the methods are effective. As soon as you decide to purchase the guide, you can receive it into your inbox and begin learning how to develop a closer and more rewarding relationship with your cat.

Unlike many of the expensive sprays and pet therapy sessions, this is an all-round comprehensive guide to dealing with cat’s behaviour problems in a safe, effective and humane way. Being an animal lover, the animal’s comfort and safety is highly prized by Sarah.

Finally, as it has a moneyback guarantee, then making this purchase is a safe bet. You can try it before you finally make the decision about whether or not it is worth it’s bargain price!

stop neutered spayed cat from spraying

What’s included in Cat Spraying No More?

The guide, throughout its 66 pages, lifts the lid on everything you need to know about getting your pet cat to behave in just the way you want it to. People think cats are independent, but if you give them the right guidance and attention, they will learn to behave in a way that rewards both you and them.

You will gain the peace of mind to leave your kitty at home when you are out or away, and know that when you get back, they will not have ruined furnishings.

As well as the main guide, you will receive bonus guides on cat behaviour, which allow you to develop a deeper relationship with your feline, and understand how to get the best out of them.


The program has received high accolades form users around the world. It is a simple, cheap and effective way to helping you stop your cats’ bad behaviour for good.

Waste no time and order your copy of

Cat Spraying No More


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